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Innovation drives everything we do. As technology leaders, we set the bar high, using only the best technologies and materials in our LED products to obtain the highest efficiency and quality. From our groundbreaking, proprietary Versaline lighting system, to manufacturing tailor-made lighting products and systems, our product portfolio benefits from S4 Light’s commitment to deliver the most advanced LED lighting on the market.

Progressive product development focuses on maximizing efficiency, while world-class engineering, experienced manufacturing teams, and overall operational excellence combine to bring our dynamic products to market. Through our exclusive partnership with a state-of-the-art decorative LED manufacturer, as well as long-term relationships with leading factories, S4 Lights guarantees the highest level of quality through complete control of the production process.

These partnerships coupled with our deep understanding of LED lighting and our streamlined corporate structure enables Seasons 4 Lighting to quickly invent, design, develop and deliver innovative products to market at highly competitive prices. The result is highly reliable and unique LED solutions for both indoor and outdoor use that reduce energy consumption, extend lifetimes and maximize light performance and quality for years to come…

We offer Commercial Christmas Lights and Accessories ranging from C9 Bulk Spools, C7 Bulk Spools, LED Mini Lights, X-Wire, RGB Lights, Vampire plug Males and Females, Light Clips including Parapet Clips, All In One Clips, Shingle Tabs, Tuff Clips and much more!

How to Order
Call Aviv Ben-Abraham at (949) 433-7037 or email

You can also order through by calling (888) 936-7256