We are a Texas based seller to the holiday décor industry offering top quality products to installers. A blend of product knowledge, overseas factory quality control technician staff, and an understanding of installers unique challenges has positioned us to be a product sales industry leader. We work closely with our manufacturers during the design and fabrication process to ensure the highest of standards and to maintain a focus on the product quality and functionality so critical to lighting and décor installers. We offer everything from pre-balled light strands to large frame trees and trending large scale interactive décor items. Contact us today for your holiday product needs.

How to Order

Email Christian Metzger at cmetzger@envirolume.com or call 210-687-7216 You must mention you are a member of CLIPA Buyers Group in order to receive discounted pricing.

You can also order through CLIPABuyersGroup.com by calling (888) 936-7256