Christmas Lights and Accessories Bozeman, MT

CLIPA Buyers Group was formed to allow Christmas Light Installers in Bozeman, MT to gain access to Commercial Grade Christmas Lights with below wholesale prices. We use the buying power of our network of installers to Pre-Negotiate discounted prices on all Christmas Lights and Accessories.

As a CLIPA Buyers Group Member, you receive special discounted pricing through each of the vendors on all Commercial Grade Christmas Lights and Accessories. All of our vendors are picked based on competitive pricing, customer service and distribution location. Wherever you reside in the US, you should have a maximum of 1-2 days shipping time to you. Vendors do also run out of products, CLIPA Buyers Group give you a back up source should this happen.

Our Preferred Vendors offer Commercial Christmas Lights and Accessories ranging from C9 Bulk Spools, C7 Bulk Spools, LED Mini Lights, X-Wire, RGB Lights, Vampire plug Males and Females, Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Garland, Christmas Bows, Light Clips including Parapet Clips, All In One Clips, Shingle Tabs, Tuff Clips and much more!