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Christmas Designers has been in the commercial Christmas and lighting business for the past 30 years. During that time we have had the privilege to design and create some of the most imaginative and unique Christmas displays in the world.
Our specialty is indoor and outdoor commercial Christmas decorations, ranging from small garland pole decorations to giant Commercial trees, reaching heights of over 100 feet tall.

More recently, we’ve expanded our business to include the Christmas Enthusiasts market as well as the wholesale Christmas markets. By tapping into our 30 years of experience designing, building and installing Christmas decorations and lighting, we’re able to offer products and services unmatched in the industry.

We offer Commercial Christmas Lights and Accessories ranging from C9 Bulk Spools, C7 Bulk Spools, LED Mini Lights, X-Wire, RGB Lights, Vampire plug Males and Females, Light Clips including Parapet Clips, All In One Clips, Shingle Tabs, Tuff Clips and much more!

How to Order

Email Ros Smoot at or call 800-391-5280 Ext 155 You must mention you are a member of CLIPA Buyers Group in order to receive discounted pricing.